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May 14, 2021 - JavaScript react api code jamstack - 1 min read

💡 I found that newsletters are an excellent source for learning more about coding and exploring new exciting topics.

👉 From short informative newsletters explaining a short code snippet to newsletters featuring a bunch of great blog posts, I love opening my inbox and browsing through my tech newsletters 💛

🚀 The following collection of newsletters I would recommend to anyone interested in coding and tech. Here are my top newsletters I would highly recommend following if you want to up your tech and coding game 🎲


  1. Go make things by Chris Ferdinandi. You can get daily JavaScript tips with code examples. Chris has a great way of explaining and offers the perfect daily JavaScript snacks.
  2. JavaScript Weekly. This is a fantastic newsletter for all news around JavaScript.


  1. Kent C. Dodds has a newsletter showcasing his newest blog posts. Always 100% worth the read.


  1. API security is about the latest API Security News, Vulnerabilities & Best Practices


  1. Bejamas has a fantastic newsletter, blog and resources for JAMStack

Frontend / UX

  1. Smashing Magazines sends you weekly updates on a variety of frontend and UX news.


  1. Gary’s Guide for San Francisco and/or NYC will give you a fantastic overview of all news in tech, start-ups, IPOs, and events.
  2. Hacker Newsletter weekly newsletter showcasing the best articles in tech, start-ups, and programming

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