Easy way to setup Terminal Shortcuts

May 14, 2021 - terminal zsh vim mac zshrc - 1 min read

This is a very short tutorial to show you how can setup shortcuts to your most used terminal commands within seconds.

First, open your terminal and navigate to your home directory /~.

In your home directory you have hidden files. You can unhide these files by typing:

$ ls -al

You should now see a file called `.zshrc` (if you are using zsh)` .
Open it up in vim or any other text editor.

$ vi .zshrc

If you opened up the file in vim, hit `i` for insert. Now you can create any alias you want. I have these setup:

alias gcm='git commit -m'\
alias ga='git add'\
alias gpo='git push origin'\
alias gc='git checkout'\
alias gcb='git checkout -b'\
alias gcd='git checkout develop'\

Once you have completed the alias, hit the esc button and type :wq to save your settings file.

$ :wq

Quit your terminal and re-open it to start using your new terminal shortcuts.

And that is it.

Super easy, super fast, and will save you so much time in the long run.

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